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how does Quotex make money?

Quotex is a perfect platform for trading as it also offers you a demo account to practice and learn trading techniques. But how does Quotex make money? Read below to find out more:

  • The first way to make money with Quotex is to open a demo account that gives you $10,000 to trade every day and understand market fluctuations and asset deployment. Signing up is easy and the safest way to learn how to trade so you can prepare for actual live trading.
  • The second way to make money is to trade alone and take responsibility for your mistakes and successes. Also, you can earn all your investments for yourself without sharing them with others.
  • Recruit signals or trading analysts who will inform you about entering any favorable trading instrument. However, you will have to pay a fee to them and bear all losses yourself.

how does Quotex make money?

Take the help of a fund manager who can trade on your behalf by applying trading strategies and understanding the market fluctuations properly. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you cannot make big profits with it, as it is unstable. You are not aware of the trading action and could quickly lose millions in one go.

Courses also attract several newbies by offering a range of binary options, a welcome bonus for the new traders.


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